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Application Advantages of HFNC Machine

Ⅰ. What diseases is HFNC machine suitable for?

1. It can be applied to acute hypoxic respiratory failure type I respiratory failure;

2. Patients with respiratory failure without tracheal intubation;

3. Before and after tracheal intubation or tracheotomy and extubation;

4. Painless bronchoscopy auxiliary treatment (HFNC machine is used in painless fiber bronchoscopy, which makes anesthesia effect good, greatly improves patient's comfort, and provides the operator with a good working condition);

5. Patients after surgery;

6. Patients with cardiac insufficiency after cardiac surgery, etc.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of HFNC machine?

1. HFNC machine can reduce respiratory dead space, improve alveolar ventilation, generate a certain positive airway pressure, reduce respiratory work, and effectively improve oxygenation;

2. Improve upper airway resistance and respiratory function;

3. High-flow heating, humidification and oxygen supply, good humidification improves the movement of cilia on the airway mucosal surface, which is conducive to the removal of secretions;

4. The oxygen concentration is constant;

5. Reduce the probability of invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation;

6. The operation process of HFNC machine is simple and easy to understand;

7. Through the heating and humidifying device, the gas can be made to reach the most suitable temperature and humidity of the human body, thereby improving patient's tolerance and comfort.

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