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Application Analysis of Non Invasive Ventilator

Ventilators play a great role in hospitals in daily life. There are many types of ventilators, including non invasive ventilators and invasive ventilators. The symptoms applicable to each type of ventilator must be different. Here are the applications of non invasive breathing machines.

Non invasive breathing machine has a good effect on acute and chronic respiratory failure, hypoxic respiratory failure, cardiogenic pulmonary edema, sleep apnea, and other diseases.

Ⅰ. Non invasive ventilators for acute episodes of acute and chronic respiratory failure

Non invasive ventilators have long-term or short-term therapeutic effects on the patient with such disease, and non invasive ventilators have great advantages in the first-line treatment of such patients.

Ⅱ. Non invasive ventilators for hypoxic respiratory failure

Clinically, it is much more difficult to correct hypoxic respiratory failure than to correct carbon dioxide. Therefore, non invasive breathing machine is controversial in the treatment of hypoxic respiratory failure.

Recent studies have shown that appropriate ventilation mode for patients with hypoxic blood can effectively reduce pulmonary infection and other comprehensive symptoms, and can effectively reduce mortality, shorten the length of hospital stay.

Ⅲ. Non invasive ventilators for cardiogenic pulmonary edema

Positive-pressure mask ventilation can be used, which also has a history. Clinical trials have shown that non-invasive ventilators can effectively improve the heart and lung diseases of patients with heart failure, relieve many diseases caused by hypoxia in the human body, change the internal pressure in the chest cavity, improve the heart load, and relieve heart failure.

Ⅳ. Non invasive ventilators are suitable for sleep apnea

The long-term accumulation of sleep apnea can cause heart and brain damage, neuroendocrine disorders, severe hypoxia and other diseases, and even lead to sudden death.

In recent years, people have paid attention to non invasive breathing machine treatment of diseases, but non-invasive ventilator cannot cure some diseases, but it can relieve the patient's condition to a certain extent and help increase the patient's sleep quality, which is the current prefered treatment for sleep quality.

The above content is to introduce the non invasive ventilator to you through four aspects, and we hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the non-invasive ventilator. At the same time, it is recommended that you can search for the relevant knowledge of non invasive breathing machine in multiple ways, and purchase different types of ventilators according to the different symptoms of patients under the guidance of professional instructors or medical staff when purchasing. 

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