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Changes of the Price of Respiratory Machine in the Current Pandemic

1. Respiratory machine is very important for COVID-19 patients

In the treatment of COVID-19 patients, the respiratory machine is a crucial step. Whether it is severe or mild COVID-19, the respiratory machine will be used to prevent them from having breathing difficulties.

We can learn from the news that the number of COVID-19 diagnosed every day in the world is on the rise, and the number of confirmed COVID-19 worldwide has exceeded 30 million, among which the number of existing COVID-19 patients in the United States, India, Brazil and other countries has exceeded a million.

2. The COVID-19 affects the price of the respiratory machine

Every patient with COVID-19 should be matched with a respiratory machine, but because the respiratory machine is now in short supply of medical equipment. There is simply no way to meet the standard of one respiratory machine per person, and even patients with severe pneumonia may not have a respiratory machine in some places.

The demand for respiratory machines is so high, how has the price of respiratory machines changed during this epidemic? Because the respiratory machine is a medical device, its production process is very complicated. Even if you work overtime every day, the monthly output of the respiratory machine cannot be considered high.

It can be said that not only China, but also the respiratory machine in other countries must have been sold out a long time ago. We know that when buying shoes, if this style is very popular, but the quantity is small, then its price will definitely be much more expensive. The same is true for the respiratory machine price. As the demand increases, its price will be greatly affected.

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