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Differences Between Non Invasive Breathing Machine And Invasive Breathing Machine And Notices

1. The difference between non invasive breathing machine and invasive breathing machine

(1) Non invasive breathing machine: It is mainly used for patients who are sober with pontaneous breathing, and can cooperate with the connection. For example, patients with relatively mild respiratory failure are suitable.

(2) Invasive breathing machine: It is used for patients with cardiac arrest and severe respiratory failure through tracheal intubation. However, it can not be used for patients with severe hemopneumothorax. In general, patients with severe hypotension or severe myocardial infarction are not encouraged to use the invasive breathing machine. However, it can be used in life-threatening situations.

2. Notices for using non invasive breathing machine

(1) Consulting a professional doctor to determine if a non invasive breathing machine is needed.

(2) The non invasive breathing machine can not be used for facial deformities or facial sores.

(3) When using a non invasive breathing machine for unconscious patients, it will blow gas into the stomach. It will lead to intestinal ventilation and speed up the deaths of patients. Get to know more about types of ventilators used in hospitals

(4) The non invasive breathing machine cannot be used for patients who have severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction and under conditions such as stop breathing and heartbeat.

(5) When using breathing ventilator machine, it is necessary to eliminate patients' anxiety by telling them the purpose of the treatment to relax them. Suitable oronasal masks should be chosen for patients to reduce air leakage. Patients are not allowed to eat until turning off the non invasive breathing machine.

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