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Different Types of Medical Suction Machine

I believe everyone is familiar with the suction equipment. Although its function is relatively simple, it can be applied to many fields. For example, the sputum suction device is mainly used to suck and remove the sputum from the body, and the gynecological suction device is mainly used in the field of gynecological abortion. A special suction device for gastric lavage, that is, gastric lavage machine, as the name suggests, is mainly used for emergency gastric lavage. Now electric suction machines been widely used in various medical fields. How can medical electric suction machines be classified?

In general, there are two ways to distinguish the types of medical suction machine:

1. By types of vacuum pump of medical suction equipment

(1) Sliding vane vacuum pump

This kind of vacuum pump contains oil and has high mechanical noise. When there is no oil in the oil storage chamber or the oil level is too low, or the oil ring does not rotate, the vacuum pump cannot be lubricated and it is easy to burn the vacuum pump.

(2) Diaphragm vacuum pump

In other words, the vacuum pump is oil-free, its operating noise is very small, and usually does not require more maintenance. If the sliding rod type electric suction vacuum pump is not tightly sealed, the lubricating oil is likely to leak, causing the rubber tube for internal connection to deteriorate and cause air leakage. In order to ensure the degree of vacuum, frequent inspection and replacement are required. In contrast, diaphragm suction equipment is better.

2. By purposes of medical suction equipment

According to the purpose, there are three different types of medical suction machines: ordinary electric suction machines, artificial abortion electric suction machines and gastric lavage electric suction machines.

  • Ordinary electric aspirator: It is specially used for drawing blood, water, abscess, sputum, etc. It is not allowed to be used for other treatments.

  • Electric suction device for artificial abortion: artificial abortion suction device. Compared with other types of electric suction machines, this aspirator has two differences: one is two 5000 mL gas cylinders, the other is two 500 mL liquid cylinders; the other is that it has automatic negative pressure control used to maintain the set negative pressure range.

  • Gastric lavage electric aspirator: specially used for gastric lavage, its structure is to use the positive and negative pressure of the vacuum pump. It has both a positive pressure indicator and a negative pressure indicator. It uses a special knob switch to control the switch between positive pressure and negative pressure. In addition, it also has a positive and negative pressure control valve.

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