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Don't Ignore These Problems in the Daily Use of Medical Air Compressors

We all know that the scientific use and maintenance of any equipment is very important. Scientific use can improve the efficiency of equipment use, and regular maintenance can avoid failures, thereby achieving the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment and ensuring safe operation.

Today we will talk to you about several problems that are easily overlooked in the daily use and maintenance of medical compressors.

1. During the daily operation of the medical compressor, the operation is not strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, or the operation is violated; improper maintenance or lack of maintenance, improper management will cause aging and damage to parts, and it is easy to cause major failure and damage to the medical air compressor.

2. When the medical compressor is used in summer, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature of the station building. If the indoor ambient temperature is too high, it is easy to increase the load on the equipment, causing serious wear, deformation, or even bursting of parts.

3. If the air filter of the medical compressor is not cleaned in time, the air filtration efficiency will decrease, the air circulation resistance will increase, and the air intake volume will decrease, resulting in insufficient air intake, causing serious wear of equipment parts, reducing the compression efficiency, and reducing the power. Increased consumption, insufficient flow of compressed gas, or even no use at all.

4. The medical compressor does not regularly check and maintain the valve components. If its performance deteriorates, it cannot work stably and normally, which will reduce the reliability of the medical air compressor and increase the failure rate of the medical compressor.

In order to ensure the safe and effective operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment must not be relaxed.

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