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How is the production technology of oxygen analyzers?

Online medical oxygen analyzers are usually used in explosion-proof environments where reliability and safety are of high importance. During the production process, the oxygen level is measured and adjusted simultaneously. As a result, the oxygen concentration measured is relatively low, generally below 5%, and even below 0.5% in some cases. Additionally, the safety requirements in such production environments are high, making the construction process more challenging. These are all factors that need to be considered when producing medical oxygen analyzers.

1.Data analysis of medical oxygen analyzers

When manufacturers produce medical oxygen analyzers, it is essential to understand their parameters, which is significant for the safety of the enterprise. The installation of medical oxygen analyzers is not only for environmental protection inspections but also to solve the problem of data usability. The data produced by medical oxygen analyzers must be real and accurate, or else the installation of the instrument would lose its significance.

2.New Technology for Medical Oxygen Analyzer

The online oxygen analyzer integrates new technology for oxygen measurement, and the measuring range of a probe can be understood before ordering. The probe's explosion-proof, high-precision, and weak alkalinity properties can be applied to many fields of oxygen measurement. The device is flexible and easy to operate, and the new sensing technology, combined with high-precision probes, enhances its performance.

The working principle of the medical oxygen analyzer includes a highly active oxygen electrode and a lead electrode, which are immersed in an electrolyte to form an analytical cell. Oxygen molecules in the measured gas diffuse to the surface of the electrode by permeation, undergo chemical reactions, and cause electron migration, thereby generating current.

The number of electron migrations is proportional to the oxygen concentration, and we only need to measure the gas current value to know the oxygen concentration of the measured gas. Therefore, the trace oxygen sensor produces a microcurrent signal, which can be processed and converted into the oxygen concentration value of the measured gas.

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