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How Should Medical Air Compressor Be Maintained Daily?

In order to make the medical air compressor can be normal operation, to ensure the use of the unit life, we shall develop a detailed maintenance plan, the implementation of scheduled maintenance, scheduled operation, regular inspection and maintenance, so that the medical air compressor set to link clean, oil-free, dirt-free.

1. The main components of the medical air compressor maintenance

1) Maintenance and replacement of components must be determined: medical air compressor system pressure have been released, and other pressure sources have been isolated, the main circuit on the switch has been disconnected, and has done a good job not to close the safety signs.

2) The compressor cooling lubricant replacement time depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and whether the air has acid and alkaline gas. Newly purchased medical air compressors must be replaced with new oil for the first 500 hours of operation. After the normal oil change cycle every 4000 hours, the annual operation of less than 4000 hours of the machine should be replaced once a year.

3) Oil filters in the first start running 300-500 hours must be replaced, the second time in the use of 2000 hours to replace, after the normal time every 2000 hours to replace.

4) Maintenance and replacement of the air filter or intake valve are needed to prevent any debris falling into the compressor host cavity. When operating, close the entrance of the mainframe, and after the operation is finished, rotate it several times by hand according to the direction of rotation of the mainframe to make sure there is no obstruction before turning on the machine.

5) In the machine, every 2000 hours of operation shall check the belt tightness and if the belt is loose, it must be adjusted until the belt tension. In order to protect the belt, in the whole process, we need to prevent the belt from oil contamination and scrap.

6) Each time the oil is changed, the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

7) Replacement parts try to use the original company parts, otherwise the supplier will not be responsible for matching problems.

2. Medical air compressor clean heat dissipation

Medical air compressor every 2000h or so, in order to clear the dust on the cooling surface, you need to open the cooler blowing hole cover on the fan bracket, use the dust blowing air gun to blow the cooler, until the cooling surface dust is clean. If the cooling surface is too dirty to be cleaned, we should remove the cooler, pour out the oil inside the cooler and close the four inlets and outlets to prevent dirt from entering, then blow out the dust on both sides with compressed air or flush with water, and finally blow dry the water stains on the surface. Put it back in place.

Remember! Do not scrape the dirt with hard objects such as iron brushes to avoid damaging the radiator surface.

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