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How to Choose Medical Air Compressor?

The compressed air needed for survival cannot be interrupted for a moment. A continuous supply of mechanical ventilation is critical.

Hospitals need a centralized air supply system that can meet the specific needs of modern hospitals in order to provide patients with reliable, stable flow and pressure, and medical-grade compressed air. Whether used in routine care, intensive care, emergency rooms or operating theatres: In all hospital departments, patients rely on reliable mechanical ventilation, and medical equipment requires reliable instrument gas to drive.

To do this, it is necessary to comply with medical industry norms and standards, and the quality of medical air compressor air must also comply with relevant national standards.

The operational safety of the equipment and, with it, patient well-being, depend on the fulfillment of all of the above requirements.

Ⅰ. Application occasions of uninterrupted centralized air supply system of medical air compressor:

1. Mechanical ventilation and oxygen supply

Many patients, including premature infants with severe lung disease, rely on medical air and oxygen for mechanical ventilation, both in the intensive care unit and during anesthesia surgery.

2. Operating room equipment

Many medical tools used for drilling, sawing and grinding are powered by compressed air, which comes from a centralized air supply system.

3. Anesthesia

In the field of anesthesia in the operating room, medical air compressor air also plays an important role. In preparation for surgery, a pre-determined mixture of compressed air and oxygen is added to precisely defined amounts of nitrous oxide and a volatile anesthetic.

4. Dental

It is used to drive the oral high-speed mobile phone to grind and cut teeth, as well as the tooth surface light curing, glass particles, and porcelain treatment.

An uninterrupted central gas supply system may be required in the following situations:

1. New hospital building;

2. the old system transformation.

The existing system needs to be modified due to insufficient efficiency, frequent maintenance, or because the air quality cannot meet the usage requirements.

3. Upgrade or expand your existing compressed air system

Expanding hospitals and building new wards will also increase the demand for medical air compressor air, which is often not met by existing systems.

Ⅱ. High stability medical air compressor for treatment safety

When choosing a medical air compressor, stability is the most important factor. At the same time, the medical compressed air must be clean and hygienic, so the air humidity must be reduced, and the pollution of oil or solid particles must be completely avoided, because these impurities will threaten the life safety of patients and high quality. The service life of medical equipment and the functioning of precision instruments, the hygiene and sterility conditions prescribed for patients must also be met.

The drying system on the medical air compressor prevents the humid environment from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. The dryer not only ensures stable dryness, but also ensures continuous operation without interruptions in performance without regeneration time. Air contaminated with moisture, oil and small particles is not suitable. The lower pressure dew point of medical air compressors ensures high quality, odorless and tasteless compressed air.

3. Medical air compressors correctly evaluate compressed air for every hospital

The choice of a medical air compressor is mainly based on the amount of reserve air required, the size of the clinic, and the number of jobs. Medical air compressors offer the appropriate model for every need: from primary compact portable medical air compressors to high-power air compressors for large hospitals.

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