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How to Use the Nasal High Flow Oxygen Therapy Correctly?

With the development of medicine and the continuous updating of medical equipment, more and more clinical treatment items and operations that are beneficial to patients have emerged. This requires us to continuously learn and enrich ourselves. In recent years, HFNC machine has been widely used in the intensive care unit, and what follows is the issue whether our usage is reasonable, and the evaluation of the effect after use.

Is the HFNC machine really used correctly? The following is the relevant knowledge of HFNC machine sorted out

1. The air-oxygen mixing part of the HFNC machine's gas

Its function is to mix air and oxygen in front of the turbine according to a preset oxygen concentration. There are two methods for oxygen concentration control. One is to control the oxygen concentration by adjusting the oxygen flow through a buoy-type oxygen flow meter. This method cannot preset the oxygen concentration, and can only generate actual FiO2 by adjusting the oxygen flow; the other is to use micro proportional valve and ultrasonic oxygen concentration sensor to realize the control of oxygen concentration, and FiO2 can be preset.

2. The heating and humidifying part of the gas of HFNC machine

Its function is to heat and humidify the air-oxygen mixed gas.

3. Gas delivery part of HFNC machine

Its function is to ensure that the air-oxygen mixed gas that has been heated and humidified is delivered to the patient in the manner of constant temperature, humidity and constant flow rate. The connection part between the HFNC machine and the patient is a high-flow nasal congestion. The tip of the high-flow nasal congestion is a bevel-shaped exit. It has a soft texture and is fixed on the patient's face with an elastic and adjustable ear strap.

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