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Precaution and Application of Non Invasive Ventilator

Ⅰ. Precautions for the use of non invasive ventilators

In the past, we often say that when patients were undergoing surgery, they were unable to breathe on their own because they lost self-awareness. In this case, intubation was generally used to help the patient breathe. This method is a more uncomfortable method, just because the development of medical technology at that time was not very good.

But now with the development of science and technology, home ventilators have entered our life. A home ventilator is a medical device that can treat respiratory diseases or sleep diseases at home. There are many patients with snoring or insomnia at home. Is there anything need to pay attention to when using a non invasive breathing machine at this time?

When we are using a non invasive home ventilator, we must do two checks before using it:

1. Check whether there is any foreign body in the user's mouth or respiratory tract;

2. Check whether there is any foreign body in the airway of the ventilator. We can use it with confidence only after these two checks are all correct.

The use of the non invasive breathing machine is very simple. Just put the mask on our nose, keep the mask and the nose fit, do not leave any gaps, and open the machine to use it. Isn't it very convenient? But in the process of use, you need to pay attention to the problem of tightness, otherwise there will be no effect in the process of use.

Ⅱ. Where are non invasive ventilators commonly used?

Non invasive ventilators can be used in a wide range of applications, both for home use and medical use. Non invasive ventilators work through continuous positive airway pressure so that patients can breathe normally. Especially for some people with sleep apnea syndrome, such people are prone to sudden interruption of breathing when sleeping, making patients feel very sudden and frightened, and even many people have their blood oxygen saturation decreased because of this disease or impaired cardiovascular function.

Non invasive ventilators are most commonly used for people with sleep apnea syndrome. This person is sick unknowingly. No one can predict when the patient will get sick, so they will wear the ventilator when they sleep to prevent them from getting sick.

There are also some patients with respiratory failure who can also use non invasive ventilators. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can also use non invasive breathing machines. Many diseases related to the respiratory tract can use non invasive breathing machines.

Including during this new coronary pneumonia, non invasive ventilators are also used to treat some mild patients, in order to prevent them from developing respiratory failure. Because the non invasive ventilator does not cause trauma during use, it isolates medical staff and patients well. When there are some infectious diseases, the use of non invasive ventilator can better protect medical personnel.

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