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AD-IA Bubble CPAP Machine
AD-IA Bubble CPAP Machine
AD-IA Bubble CPAP Machine

AD-IA NCPAP(nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

AD-IA bubble CPAP machine It is used to supply ventilation treatment for premature, neonates, infants and children below 14 years old. The different concentrations of medical oxygen will be configured by adjusting the proportion of oxygen and air. An inside alarm system of differential pressure is equipped. When alarming, the safety valve of this type of newborn cpap will start automatically, and produce the mixed gas continuously to ensure the safety of patient. Adjust oxygen concentration from 21% to 100% optionally. With all-in-one design, AD-IA is easy to assemble and save space.

Working Principle of AD-IA NCPAP

Different concentrations of medical oxygen are configured by adjusting the ratio of oxygen to the air. The suitable oxygen concentration ratio enters the breathing tube through the humidifier and then enters the human body to support the patient's normal circulation oxygen breathing. The built-in air oxygen mixer is equipped with a differential pressure alarm valve. If the pressure difference between air and oxygen exceeds a certain ratio, the safety valve will start automatically when the alarm is given. Continuous production of mixed gases to ensure patient safety.

Features of AD-IA NCPAP

  • Wide selection of oxygen concentration, concentration adjustment from 21% to 100%, all-in-one machine design, easy assembly, space saving.

  • Built-in miniature air compressor for easy emergency transport

Specification of AD-IA NCPAP

FIO221-100% (±3%)
CPAP3-10cm H2O
Power SourceAC 220V/110V, 50-60Hz
Gas sourceAir/Oxygen@0.3-0.4MPa
AlarmGas supply pressure difference > 0.1MPa
HumidifierStandard: PN-2000F
Optional: PN-2000FB; PN-2000FC850
Air CompressorBuilt-in

Practical Application of AD-IA NCPAP

  • 01

    For children under 14 years of age and neonates, through the oxygen concentration ratio of high precision effectively improve patients' smooth breathing circulation

  • 02

    A wide range of USES, medical, can also be domestic (if domestic, you need to configure their own oxygen cylinder)

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