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AD-III NCPAP(nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

AD-III NCPAP Precision automatic balancing pressure stabilizer CPAP control valve and CPAP pressure generator, output stable CPAP pressure value, precise pressure monitoring system and safety protection valve to ensure patients using safe electronic control or automatic control temperature humidifier to ensure good humidification system status. A variety of light catheters and nasal congestion reduce the patient's breathing. The fixation device of this type of NCPAP machine is convenient and fast, reducing the pressure on the patient's head and face and nasal septum injury. Our AD-III series is widely used in ICU, NICU, PICU, and emergency room.

Working Principle of AD-III NCPAP

The air passes through the air oxygen mixer, the pressure relief valve monitors the pressure difference warning function, adjusting the air oxygen concentration ratio into the humidifier, transports the most suitable oxygen concentration into the human respiratory channel.

Features of AD-III NCPAP

  • Double oxygen supply interface for other purposes

  • Built-in air oxygen mixer and pressure gauge, more accurate data reading, standard factory equipped with oxygen meter.

  • Standard general purpose compressor, provide large flow air source, reinforced load-bearing support.

Specification of AD-III NCPAP

FIO221-100% (±3%)
CPAP0-10cm H2O
Pressure Gauge0-25cm H2O
Flow2-18 LPM
Power SourceAC 220V, 50-60Hz (Optional: AC 110V, 50-60Hz)
Gas sourceAir/Oxygen@0.3-0.4MPa
AlarmGas supply pressure difference > 0.1MPa
Pressure Safety Valve20cm H2O
HumidifierStandard: PN-2000F/ PN-2000FA
Optional: PN-2000FB; PN-2000FC850
Air CompressorPN-3000 (Optional)
Oxygen AnalyzerYes

Practical Application of AD-III NCPAP

  • 01

    This product is widely used in hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centers and other places.

  • 02

    For children under 14 years of age and neonates, through the oxygen concentration ratio of high precision effectively improve patients' smooth breathing circulation.

  • 03

    General-purpose house system, very wide application

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