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AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender
AD3000-SPD Oxygen Blender
AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Mixer
AD3000-SPD Oxygen Mixer

AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender

Pigeon Medical air oxygen blender model AD3000-SPD is an ideal choice for NICU and PICU settings. This model delivers FiO2 mixtures from a single port with double flow meter, which has an optional flow range between 0.1-1LPM and 1-10LPM. The mixer is a highly accurate unit that can maintain the oxygen concentration level even at low flows.

In addition, switching the flow meter to 6-60LPM can be intended to use for adults. The aluminum alloy material makes the unit durable and it is easily mounted with a universal bracket.

Working Principle of AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender

Air oxygen blender mixer is used to administer a precise and continuous gas of medical oxygen and air through its outlet port to infants, children or adults for many clinical applications. Supplying the medical gas mixture by different interfaces such as infant nasal tube, nasal prong, nasal cannula and horizontal nasal prong.

Features of AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender

  • Flow meter from 0.1 to 10LPM

  • Can match with humification bottle

  • Adjust oxygen concentration level from 21% to 100%

  • No electricity required

  • Mechanical alarm system by detection of pressure differential

Specification of AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender

ModelAD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender
Flow Control0.1-1 & 1-10LPM
AlarmWhen gas supply pressure difference > 0.1MPa
Alarm Noise> 57dB(A)
Number of OutputSingle
Accuracy of FiO2±3%
Bleed Flow3LPM

Practical Application of AD3000-SPD Air Oxygen Blender

  • 01

    Bubble CPAP

  • 02


  • 03

    Infant resuscitator

  • 04

    Routine prediatric/neonatal oxygen therapy

  • 05

    Infant radiant warmer

  • 06


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