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AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender
AD3000-SPD2 High Flow Oxygen Blender

AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

Pigeon Medical air oxygen blender PN2000-SPD2 is doubling the output by adding an extra flow meter. Now the medical concentrated gas can be supplied to two newborns simultaneously. It brings a huge significant benefit on man power and cost saving. Besides that, adult version of flow meter including 6-60LPM and 10-120LPM are also available for your selection.

PN2000-SPD2 is designed with a 3LPM bleed flow to ensure the flow accuracy which made the oxymixer match precisely to the needs and particular situation of each individual patient.

AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender Working Principle 

Attach the high-pressure air and oxygen hoses to the medical air oxygen blender. The flow meter outlet ports are locked automically until docking with the connector in order to avoid leakage. Thanks to the double-flow meters, the blender is possible to supply medical gas to two devices with the same oxygen concentration level and individual flow.

Features of AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

  • Flow meter from 0.1 to 1LPM and from 1 to 10LPM

  • Support dual output with double flow meters

  • Made with high quality aluminum alloy, anodic oxidation surface treatment

  • Adjust oxygen concentration level from 21% to 100%

  • Powered by pneumatic control, no electricity required

  • Mechanical alarm system by detection of pressure differential

Specification of AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

ModelAD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender
Flow Control0.1-1 & 1-10LPM
AlarmWhen gas supply pressure difference > 0.1MPa
Alarm Noise> 57dB(A)
Number of OutputDual
Accuracy of FiO2±3%
Bleed Flow3LPM

Practical Application of AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

  • 01

    Bubble CPAP

  • 02


  • 03

    Infant resuscitator

  • 04

    Routine prediatric/neonatal oxygen therapy

  • 05

    Infant radiant warmer

  • 06


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