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AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

Pigeon Medical air-oxygen blender is a device used by medical personnel to control the concentration and flow of oxygen for the rescue of patients with hypoxic problems while avoiding the side effects of pure oxygen inhalation. It provides the ability to mixed air and oxygen in a safe, easy, and controlled manner, supporting the use of a ventilator, HFNC machineinfant resuscitator, infant radiant warmer, CPAP, especially suitable for those who have high requirement for oxygen concentration.

Working Principle of AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

It is also equipped with a previse balance device to output stable oxygen concentration from 21% to 100% optionally. The FiOcan be controlled by adjusting the proportion of air and oxygen flow.

Features of AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

  • Selection of flow meter from 0.1-6LPM/ 1-15LPM/ 6 to 60LPM each side

  • Can match with humification bottle

  • Adjust oxygen concentration level from 21% to 100%

Specification of AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

Weight0.8 kg
Internal Filter (Air and Oxygen Inlet)80~100μm
Oxygen Concentration Adjustment Range21% - 100%
Accuracy of Oxygen Concentration±5% FS
Gas Supply Pressure0.35±0.02 MPa(50±3 PSIG)
Outlet Flow Range6 LPM  (AT 21% Oxygen and 100% Oxygen) to 120 LPM (AT 60% Oxygen)
Optimal Working Pressure0.35 MPa(50 PSIG)
Maximum Allowable Pressure0.7 Mpa(100 PSIG)
Temperature Range10~50℃
Ambient Storage Conditions Temperature Range-20~60℃
Relative Humidity Range0 - 95% Non-Condensing

Practical Application of AD3000-SPDF Air Oxygen Blender

  • 01

    Bubble CPAP

  • 02


  • 03

    Ventilator gas supply

  • 04

    Routine adult oxygen therapy

  • 05

    Anesthesia Machine

  • 06


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