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Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB
Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB
Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB

AD3000-TPB Infant Resuscitator

AD3000-TPB is a T-piece resuscitator developed by Pigeon Medical to deliver controlled, consistent, and precise pressures – independent of operator experience. This model features its built in oxygen blender which provides more convenience as well as gas pressure difference alarm activation function. It is lightweight, portable and durable. You can easily mount it on a pole, rail, wall, infant warmer, or infant incubator.

Working Principle of Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB

Neonatal resuscitation also known as newborn resuscitation is an emergency procedure focused on supporting the approximately 10% of newborn children who do not readily begin breathing, putting them at risk of irreversible organ injury and death. Through positive airway pressure, and in severe cases chest compressions, medical personnel can often stimulate neonates to begin breathing on their own, with attendant normalization of heart rate. Infant resuscitator can deliver a more controlled and consistent peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), which helps to protect the newborn’s lungs. AD3000-TPB is equipped with a built-in air oxygen blender that can monitor the gas flow and FiO2.

Features of Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB

  • Adjustable Pressures

    High Pressure Limit, PIP and PEEP levels are adjustable to meet the unique ventilatory requirements of each patient.

  • Precise PEEP Levels

    The precision PEEP valve provided on every T-Piece circuit delivers desired pressure levels without "drift" during use.

  • Pressure Monitoring

    An easy-to-read manometer accurately displays airway pressures throughout all phases of ventilation.

Specification of  Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB

Alarm activationGas pressure difference>0.1MPa
Pressure gauge-2-10kPa(-20-100cmH2O)
PIP@5 LPM,2-27 cmH2O
@8 LPM,4-36 cmH2O
@10 LPM,6-42 cmH2O
@15 LPM,12-57 cmH2O
CPCP/PEEP@5 LPM,0.3-6 cmH2O
@8 LPM,0.8-14 cmH2O
@10 LPM,1-17 cmH2O
@15 LPM,2.5-23 cmH2O
Gas source0.3MPa-0.4MPa
Recommended patient weightUp to 10KG

Practical Application of Infant Resuscitator AD3000-TPB

  • 01

    Failure to breathe, including antepartum mechanism, recent intrapartum asphyxia, central nervous system depression, maternal drug abuse etc.

  • 02

    Failure to expand the lungs, including airway obstruction, respiratory distress syndrome, malformations involving the respiratory tract.

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