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Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

Pigeon Medical Nasal Cannula are designed to allow for patients with independent breathing and through provid high-flow, warmed, humidified breathing gas to make an effective treatment. Used with humidifier therapy device breathing circuit is available. And also can be used for non-invasive/invasive ventilation therapy with air oxygen mixer and humidifier chamber.

The Effective High Flow Oxygen Therapy range includes three types of interface: 

  1. High flow nasal cannula

  2. High flow tracheostomy direct connection

  3. High flow mask interface adapter

Working Principle of Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

High Flow Nasal Cannula belongs to an oxygen therapy method, which provides a high concentration, high flow rate, close to relative humidity gas delivery to the patient through these three types of interface which depends on patient different conditions, especially to the slightly breathing disorder or recovery period patients.

Physiological Mechanisms includes:

  • Reduces of dead space and increases alveolar ventilation, and supports positive airway pressure.

  • Improves mucociliary clearance and promotes sputum discharge

  • Promotes improved patient compliance

  • Maintains a relatively stable state and oxygen concentration is adjustable

Features of Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

  • Light weight promotes patient comfort and compliance

  • Kink resistant ensures a smooth airflow for patient safety

  • Universal connector which compatible with most heated wire breathing circuits

  • Softer nose tip provides maximum comfort for clear patients

  • Fully adjustable head strap

Specification of Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

Product CodeSizeInside DiameterSpacing between Prongs

Practical Application of Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

  • 01

    HFNC Machine

  • 02

    Respiratory Humidifier

  • 03

    Air-oxygen Blender

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