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Ventilator Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)
Ventilator Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

Ventilator Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

Pigeon Medical Circuit Support Arm (Light Type) hook can provide a secure connection for the Ventilator, CPAP and Anesthesia Machine breathing circuit that will be maintained at all times. Three separate adjustment points allow this ventilator circuit holder to be positioned in many different ways and at various angles. The features of this support arm include ergonomic tightening knobs, a fine-tune adjustment knob, and a one-year warranty. It is fully capable of being mounted to the side rail on a ventilator by using our optional Circuit Support Arm Mounting Clamp.

Working Principle of Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

A support arm for use in a respiratory circuit is provided. The support arm includes a plurality of arm segments that are movably connected with one another such that the arm segments are adjustable with respect to another. The respiratory circuit of this ventilator arm is operably disposed at a point of connection between at least two of the arm segments.  The respiratory support member is configured for engaging the respiratory circuit to support the respiratory circuit.

Features of Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

  • Hook can support the weight less than 4.2 kgs and keep stable.

  • Within 4.2kgs tension, support arm has no obvious change, and each joint can be stable for 10 minutes.

  • The handle screw can be regulated by the joint.

  • The lifespan of plastic accessories is more than 5 years

  • Can be used with various medical devices with breathing circuits

Specification of Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

ModelCircuit Support Arm (Light Type)
Product NameBreathing Circuit Ventilator Support Arm Hose Holder
MaterialStainless steel/Aluminum
Diameter of arm pipe14mm
Size(small) 14mm390 x 380 x 380 x 95mm
Maximum Bearable Weight0.5 kg
Joint Adjusting Rate>2,500times
Lifespan of Plastic Component>5years
TypeBreathing apparatus
Surface TreatmentOxidation, electroplating

Practical Application of Circuit Support Arm (Light Type)

  • 01

    Mechanical ventilation

  • 02

    Adult HFNC

  • 03

    Bubble CPAP

  • 04

    Pediatric CPAP respiratory pipeline

  • 05

    Breathing pipeline of anesthesia machine

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