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portable vein finder
portable vein finder
portable vein finder
portable vein finder
portable vein finder
portable vein finder

DVA30 Vein Finder

DVA30 Vein finder is used to observe subcutaneous superficial veins and assist venipuncture. Provides quick vascular assessment and finding of patients so that medical staff can perform venipuncture without patient contact during use.

How Does A Vein Finder Work?

As a portable vein finder device, DVA30 vein finder scanner is used to help nurses and other health care practitioners locate veins and project the blood vessels image on skin surface safely, accurately and promptly. It significantly improves the success rate as well as shorten the time of venipuncture thus reduces the cost and pain of the patients. Handheld vein finder manufactured by Pigeon Medical features its ergonomic design. What's more, our vein finders' settings such as color modes, projection sizes and brightness levels can be adjusted to fit the needs of different skin tones, ages and operating environments.

DVA30 Vein Finder Benefits


This handheld vein finder is small and light, with built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can be easily held by medical staff to quickly assess and search for blood vessels of patients. You can choose different types of fixing brackets can be selected to fix it so that medical staff can perform puncture

Infrared Light

Light source type: near-infrared light (no radiation)

High Precision

Vein finder device can identify deep blood vessels, with high image alignment accuracy, and the minimum identifiable blood vessels is 1.0mm (diameter)

Vein Finder Specification

Brightness Adjustment

High 338cd/m² (3.61lm)

Medium 234cd/m²(2.56lm)

Low 118cd/m²(1.28lm)

Infrared Wavelength400nm~650nm
Contrast StrengthNormal Mode, Enhanced Mode, Depth Mode
Imaging ColorGreen/Blue, Purple/White, Green/White, Red/White, Black/White
Image Size

Full Size (81mm×49mm)

1/2 Size

1/3 Size

Imaging DistanceFocusing Distance 200mm±20mm
Minimum Diameter1.0mm
Image Accuracy0.2mm
Image Resolution Speed30 Frames/sec
Charging Indication

In charging state, the indicator light is on and flashing; in full state, the indicator light is on and does not flash

Low Battery IndicatorBattery voltage<3.5V±0.1V, low battery indicator light is always on
Battery3.7V 5.2Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery Life≥5 hours
Charging Time6 to 8 hours
Input Rate100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, 0.4A
Product Dimensions220mm(W) x 70mm(D) x 40mm(H)
Product Weight0.9kg

Practical Application of DVA30 Vein Finder

  • 01

    Infant/Pediatric Patients

  • 02

    Chemotherapy Patients

  • 03

    Developmental Venous Anomalies

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