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Gas Terminal Connector

Gas Terminal Connector

Pigeon Medical oxygen inhaler provides a series of selection for the air/oxygen outlet probes. Including BS, Ohmeda, Puritan, DISS, Chemetron, AGA probes, etc. The gas terminal connector is made of high quality copper alloy with electroplated surface. It can be used for gas transportation between medical apparatus and gas terminal such as ventilator and anesthesia machine.

Working Principle of Gas Terminal Connector

Simply inform us the type of gas terminal connector required and we will assemble it with the oxygen inhaler before delivery so you can directly use on clinic application immediately after receiving the inhaler.

Features of Gas Terminal Connector

  • Provide oxygen outlet connectors with different international standard

  • Capable with hospital central oxygen supply, oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator, etc.

Specification of Gas Terminal Connector

ModelGas Terminal Connector (US Standard)
MaterialElectroplated Copper/ stainless steel

Application of Gas Terminal Connector

  • 01

    Hospital central oxygen supply

  • 02

    Oxygen cylinder

  • 03

    Air oxygen compressor

  • 04


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