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Mask (5 sizes)

The resuscitation mask range by Pigeon Medical includes masks of 35mm and 72 mm diameter, which are amongst the smallest masks currently available on the market.

Working Principle of Mask (5sizes)

Our resuscitation masks can be used with a self-inflating bag, a flow-inflating bag or a T-piece circuit. The masks are designed to be soft and pliable, with a transparent surface that allows breath condensate to be observed.

Features of Mask (5sizes)

  • Complete range of masks designed for use with the infant T-piece resuscitator.

  • Soft and pliable extended rim allowing easy creation of a comfortable anatomical seal.

  • Versatile connection allowing connection to other common resuscitation devices.

  • The wide range of sizes includes extra-small sizes for premature neonates, to large sizes for pediatric patients.

Specification of Mask (5sizes)

Product Mode10-29-27-02

Application of Mask (5sizes)

  • 01

    infant resuscitation.

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