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Medical Air Compressor for Ventilators

Medical Air Compressor

By adopting America Thomas oil free pump, oriental motor fan system and SMC air processing system, we manufacture good quality medical air compressor, it is widely used to match respiratory,  anesthetic, auto CPAP system to supply compressed fresh air, this medical grade air compressor possess overheating protection, oil-free, water-free, low-noise function. In addition, this product is equipped with an automatic intelligent drainage system to dry the air, it has two output ports, the product can supply air to one or two patients at the same time.

Pigeon Medical is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of ventilator air compressor, you can find various types of medical instrument air compressor for sale here, including medical oxygen air compressor system, high flow air compressor, and air compressor for hospital use. Contact us and check the price now!

Medical Air Compressor Types

What is Medical Air Compressor?

Medical air compressor refer to a specific kind of air compressor that is suitable to use in sanitary conditions and medical environment, it also known as silent oil-free air compressors. Unlike general industrial air compressor, medical air compressor requires to be more precise, reliable, environmental friendly and quiet. The output gas is fresh and clean, it can directly contact with human body. Given that the hospital requires a relatively quiet environment, medical air compressors must be controlled within 60 decibels, with a noise higher than 60 decibels is prohibited to use in hospital.

Medical Air Compressor Uses:

Medical air compressors have many different uses, such as Medical air compressors provide clean air for patients with sedation or spontaneous breathing problems. And they are used to drive pneumatic devices in surgical areas, critical care areas, nurseries,operating rooms, intensive care, post-operative care, emergency rooms and more. 

Tips for Medical Air Compressor:

  • Perform regular service and maintenance: Compressed air system require frequent maintenance to be used for a long time Have medical air compressor maintenance personnel:This leads us to the next point. 

  • Make sure you have service staff available! Whether you have a maintenance staff with compressor experience or a dedicated team, you need someone to repair or maintain your machine. 

  • Take extra precautions in summer: The sun has caused damage to both people and compressors. In summer, temperature rises sometimes cause malfunctions and wear of parts. Especially if the staff did not handle the compressed air system properly. We have a guide on how to prevent summer breakdowns. But to summarize what you need to do: Put your compressor in a ventilated room;Dust removal electrical components; Maintain your compressor regularly.

Medical Air Compressors for Sale

Pigeon medical air compressor has been using the movement and main accessories imported from the United States, the output gas is dry, pure and absolutely oil-free. The machine has low noise, large exhaust volume, high exhaust pressure, long service life, reliable performance, convenient movement, small size and fine appearance. It is the most ideal air source for Ventilator, anesthesia machine and CPAP therapy equipment.

It is import to you to choose a reliable, durable manufacturer which you can trust, as a professional Medical Air Compressor Manufacturer, we have accumulated plenty of experiences in practical using and applying with brand ventilators.

We can also customized as your request, please contact us if you have any demand.

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How does a medical air compressor work?

How does a medical air compressor work?

When power on, the machine starts with pressure, indrawn air goes through multilevel filter,  water in air is eliminated by automatic intelligent equipment.

How does a medical air compressor work?

FAQs of Medical Air Compressor

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