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PN-3000 60LPM Medical Air Compressor

Ergonomic outlook and structure, high quality material, stable performance. All these features will make you fall in love with Pigeon Medical Air Compressor at the first sight. After several years of market result, this product has developed well reputation in both domestic and oversea market.

PN-3000 Medical Air Compressor provides high flow oil-free gas for different breathing apparatus such as adult ventilators and high flow oxygen therapy devices.

Working Principle of PN-3000 60LPM Medical Air Compressor

Medical air compressor for ventilator inhales dusty air, because air contains lots of dirt and impurity, the machine with multilevel filter and drainage system can get rid of unnecessary elements. Pump provides continuous power to make machines work uninterruptedly.

Features of PN-3000 60LPM Medical Air Compressor

  • Equipped with multilevel filter to effectively protect the equipment and product fresh and clean air

  • We design double-layer insulative structure to avoid resonance and noise out

PN-3000 60LPM Medical Air Compressor Specification

Output Pressure0.25-0.4MPa
Continuous Flow60LPM
Peak Flow>120LPM
Power SourceAC 220V, 50-60Hz (Optional: AC 110V, 50-60Hz)
Thermal Protection120℃
Pressure DisplayPressure gauge

Practical Application of PN-3000 60LPM-Medical Air Compressor

  • 01

    Matched with oversea and domestic

  • 02


  • 03

    anesthetic machine and auto cpap system

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