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Pigeon I Oxygen Analyzer
Pigeon I Cheap Oxygen Analyzer

Pigeon I Oxygen Analyzer

The PIGEON-I oxygen analyzer is designed to measure and monitor the oxygen concentration during patients are having oxygen therapy. The value of oxygen concentration is a key parameter, it will be dangerous and sometimes it will result a medical accident if the value is out of the safety range. This portable oxygen analyzer has the alarm function to remind the medical personnel if the number of oxygen concentration is too low or too high. The oxygen analyzer is equipped with an imported oxygen sensor to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Working Principle of PIGEON-I Oxygen Analyzer

The PIGEON-I oxygen analyzer mainly has two parts, the first part is the body of analyzer, it has a battery inside and it receives the signal from oxygen sensor and displays the number of oxygen concentration. The second part is the ENVITEC branded oxygen sensor, which measures the value of oxygen concentration of air or gas mixture. The two parts are connected by a charging and data cable.

Features of PIGEON-I Oxygen Analyzer

  • Compact size and convenient to apply.

  • Equipped with rechargeable inside battery.

  • The Oxygen sensor is imported from Germany.

  • Stable performance and high precision.

Specification of PIGEON-I Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Concentration21% - 100%
PowerDC 3.7V
Life of Oxygen Sensor2-Year
Low battery AlarmYes

Practical Application of PIGEON-I Oxygen Analyzer

  • 01

    ICU Ventilators

  • 02

    NCPAP/ Bubble CPAP Machine

  • 03

    Anesthesia Machine

  • 04

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • 05

    Oxygen Concentrator

  • 06

    Neonatal Incubator

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