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Pigeon III Oxygen Analyzer
Pigeon III Oxygen Analyzer

Pigeon III Oxygen Analyzer

The PIGEON III is a handheld oxygen analyzer/monitor capable of measuring the oxygen concentration from 0% to 100% in a sample gas. A OOM102-1 oxygen sensor outputs a voltage which is used by the PIGEON III to determine the concentration of oxygen based on a calibration at room air or 100% oxygen. The PIGEON III contains alarms that can be controlled by the user to set a maximum or minimum allowable oxygen concentration.

Working Principle of PIGEON-III Oxygen Analyzer

The PIGEON III utilizes the ENVITEC OOM102-1 oxygen sensor and is engineered for fast response, maximum reliability and stable performance. The PIGEON III is designed primarily for continuous monitoring of oxygen levels delivered by medical oxygen delivery equipment and respiratory care systems. Adjustable high and low level alarm set points make the PIGEON III ideal for use in neonatal, anesthesia and respiratory care.

Features of PIGEON-III Oxygen Analyzer

  • Oxygen sensor of approximately 1,000,000 O2 percent hours.

  • Operation using 3 AAA alkaline batteries (3 x 1.5 volts) for approximately 5000 hours of performance with typical use.

  • Oxygen-specific, galvanic sensor that achieves 90% of final value in approximately 15 seconds at room temperature.

  • Self-diagnostic check of analog and microprocessor circuitry.

  • Low battery indication.

  • Calibration reminder timer that alerts the operator, using a calibration icon on the LCD display, to perform a unit calibration.

  • Adjustable high-level and low-level alarming capability and audible indication of alarm conditions.

  • Smart high-low alarm setting to help adjust alarm settings quickly

  • Back-light display.

Specification of PIGEON-III Oxygen Analyzer

Measurement Range0-100%
Accuracy and Linearity+1% of full scale at constant temperature,R.H.and pressure when calibrated at full scale Total
Accuracy+3% Actual oxygen level over full operating temperature range
Response Time90% of final value in approximately 15 seconds at 23℃
Operating Temperature

15℃ - 40℃ (59℉ - 104℉)

Storage Temperature-15℃ - 50℃ (5℉ - 104℉)
Atmospheric Pressure800-1013 mBars
Power Requirements3,AAA Alkaline batteries(3 x 1.5 Volts)
Battery LifeApproximately 5000 hours in typical use
Low Battery Indication“LOW BAT”icon displayed on LCD
Sensor TypeENVITEC OOM102-1 galvanic fuel cell
Expected Sensor Life>1,000,000% O2 Hours over 2 years in typical applications Alarm
SystemHigh/low alarms, audio buzzer
Low Oxygen Alarm Range0%-99%(>1% lower than low alarm)
High Oxygen Alarm Range1%-100%(>1% higher than low alarm)
Alarm AccuracyExact to displayed alarm value
Dimensions84mm x 130mm x 31mm
WeightApproximately 0.25 kg

Practical Application

  • 01

    ICU Ventilators

  • 02

    NCPAP/ Bubble CPAP Machine

  • 03

    Anesthesia Machine

  • 04

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • 05

    Oxygen Concentrator

  • 06

    Neonatal Incubator

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