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PN-1000A Infant Bed

PN-1000A Infant Bed

Pigeon Medical PN-1000A infant bed has a lower center of gravity, more mass, a broader base of support and can hold a larger baby than a bassinet. Infant beds are more stable than bassinets and as such become desirable when a baby can roll, transferring inertia with their actions; a bassinet may tip, an infant bed won't without concerted effort. Around two or three years of age children are able to defeat their confinement and should be moved to a toddler bed to prevent an injurious fall while escaping their bed.

Working Principle of PN-1000A Infant Bed

The bed frame is mainly made of moulded aluminum alloy material, high-strength steel base, bed frame and aluminum profile column combination, and it is detachable.Fixed baby basin bracket

Features of PN-1000A Infant Bed

  • Equipped with an acrylic baby basin, with ventilation holes at the bottom.

  • The bottom adopts high-quality medical casters, which are easy and stable to implement, flexible to turn, and silent when moving.

  • The height of the guardrail and baby basket is not less than 200mm, the length is not less than 750mm, and the height of the baby/newborn bed is not less than 850mm.

Specification of PN-1000A Infant Bed

Product NameInfant/Neonate Bed
MaterialAluminum and Acrylic
Cylinder Capacity4L
Load CapacityUp to 20KG
SIZEThe height of guardrail and baby basket: No less than 200mm.
The Length of guardrail and baby basket: No less than 750mm.
The height of infant / neonatal bed shall not be less than 850 mm
Standard configuration:1 acrylic baby basin; 4 medical standard casters
Optional:Antibacterial leather pad, cotton pad.

Practical Application of PN-1000A Infant Bed

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03

    neonatal trasport

  • 04

    neonatal intensive care unit

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