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PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal Transport System

PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal Transport System

Neonatal transport (NT) is one of the important work content of the neonatal intensive care unit(NICU). The purpose is to safely transfer high-risk newborns to NICU for treatment. Neonatal transport systems are widely used in the process of obstetrics and NICUs, preventing the risk of conditional changes in children during the transportation process.

Working Principle of PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal Transport System

The Infant In-Hospital Transport Solution is a mobile neonatal monitoring unit. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, while maintaining a constant temperature and creates a comfortable transfer environment for transferring infants in the hospital.

Features of PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal Transport System

  • Innovate the overall design concept and change the transshipment of traditional courtyards

  • Accurate, controlled traffic, CPAP positive pressure breathing support system

  • Safe and stable oxygen concentration accurate and adjustable, which meets the requirements of the guidelines for safety oxygen

  • Low-power built -in medical air compressor, large -capacity UPS, battery life is about 2 hours

  • Medical mute, large -caliber double brake brake foot wheels to meet different environmental needs

Specification of PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal Transport System

MAX-P@0~15LPM ≤6kPa(60cmH2O)
PIP@5~15LPM 0.2~5.7kPa(2~57cmH2O)
CPAP/PEEP@5~15LPM 0.03~2.3kPa(0.3~23cmH2O)
Flow0 LPM~15LPM
Air Compressor Flow10L/min
UPS Output Capacity1500W
Oxygen Cylinder Capacity4L

Practical Application of PN-1000ZY3 Neonatal transport system

  • 01

    Neonatal/infant respiratory emergency rescue, rapid transfer

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