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PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier (Support Heated Wire)
PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier (Support Heated Wire)

PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier (Support Heated Wire)

Proudly introduce Pigeon Medical's latest and most advanced respiratory humidifier PN-2000FC850. Double temperature sensor and digital display cooperate with the intelligent system, which provides continuous monitor and automatic temperature control by receiving real-time data collected by the proximal and distal temperature probs.

By choosing between invasive and non-invasive mode, the device will spontaneously set up the optimal temperature without manual control required. Respiratory humidifier PN-2000FC850 also equipped with flow detection function to strengthen the flow accuracy and prevent leakage.

Working Principle of PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier

Simply install the disposable or reusable chamber onto the respiratory humidifier and fill in the water until it reaches the maximum suggested level, plug in the temperature sensor and heated wire cable to connect with the breathing circuit. After that, turn on the main machine and choose between invasive and non-invasive mode. Then the humidifier is good to go.

Features of PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier

  • Invasive and non-invasive mode which can adjust the temperature automically

  • Flow detection

  • Match with all kind of ventilators

  • Provide different connectors for pediatrics/adults and reusable/disposable breathing circuit

  • Built-in alarm function

  • Provide high quality aluminium clamp and slot plate for the blender to safely hang on the trolley

Specification of PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier

Power SourceAC 220V, 50-60Hz (Optional: AC 110V, 50-60Hz)
Heated Plate150W
Thermal Cut Off95±6℃
DisplayThree digit, 0.56 inch, 7 segment Led
Temperature Monitoring0-75℃
Max-temperature of Heated Plate85℃
Heated WireAC 23V 60W, 50-60Hz
Power Rate220W
Temperature Control SettingInvasive Mode:
Chamber Outlet:
35.5-37℃, Airway 35-40℃,
Noninvasive Mode:
Chamber Outlet:
31℃, Airway 28-34℃,
Range10-70℃, Accuracy: ±2℃ (In 25-45℃ temperature range)

Practical Application of PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier

  • 01

    Mechanical ventilation

  • 02


  • 03

    Bubble CPAP

  • 04


  • 05

    Oxygen therapy

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