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PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula
PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula
PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula
PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula
PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula
PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula

PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula

PN-2000HF is used for Hypoxaemia patients with spontaneous breathing, and effective treatment is carried out by providing a certain flow, heated and humidified breathing gas. These include patients of humidification therapy, oxygen therapy, tracheal incubation, and tracheotomy. But cannot be used as life support equipment.

Working Principle of PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula

The high-flow humidification treatment device PN -2000HF is an Oxygen therapy device that provides continuous positive pressure with heated and humidified of air and oxygen.  


These gas sources are filtered by filter cotton and inhaled by the fan.


After passing through the mixing chamber, the air-oxygen mixture is formed, and then flow to the humidify tank, 

there mixture gases will be heated and humidified on the surface of hot water, help to reduce the stimulation of mechanical ventilation to the cardiopulmonary system, keep the alveoli moist, facilitate sputum suction and prevent airway obstruction. 


By setting the target gas temperature value we can control work of heating plate, temperature will be real-time monitored. After heating and humidifying, the mixture gases will be transmitted to patients via heating wire breathing circuit through the nasal tube after the second temperature rise.

Features of PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula

  • Three-level temperature control, overheating (dry burning) protection, safe and effective

  • Flow rate automatic compensation functio

  • Integrated ultrasonic real-time oxygen concentration monitoring, without oxygen sensor, no need calibration

  • The oxygen concentration can be adjusted within the full range without adding an external oxygen flow-meter.

  • Adjustable gas flow and oxygen concentration, digital display, real-time monitoring, convenient and intuitive

  • The machine is equipped with high-density filter cotton to avoid cross-infection.

  • Flow rate, temperature, oxygen concentration and working status are synchronous displayed on the screen with actual measured value.

  • Easy disinfection, only need to use a soft cloth moisturized with water-soluble disinfectant, to clean the surface of the machine and the surface of the parts that may be contaminated.

Specification of PN-2000HF80 High Flow Nasal Cannula

Output gas temperature

Output: 31℃ ~ 37℃±2%

● Level 1: 31℃

● Level 2: 34℃

● Level 3: 37℃

Heating Plate Auto Cut-off

Auto-feed Humidification Chamber

Automatically add water, variable volume ≤280mL, compliance ≤0.4mL/cmH2O

Oxygen Concentration Adjustment Monitoring Range

21%~100%,±5%(±3% FS)

Flow Adjustment Range

2LPM ~ 80LPM±8%

Audible Alarm

≥55dB (A)

Preheating Time

≤30min, 31℃≤10min

Power Supply

AC90V ~260V    47Hz ~63HZ



Working Environment

18℃~26℃ (Relative humidity≤80%)

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