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PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device
PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

Our PN-3000VSD30 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device is innovatively designed with intermittent theapy mode for wound care . It is especially designed for wound mangment and skin care. This NPWT Device has excellent performance on wound drainage. It is one of our leading portable NPWT machines.

It features the time adjustment function with working time and interval time range from 0 to 10 minutes. Click the button below to check the price/cost of our NPWT machine for sale.

Working Principle of PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

NPWT Device uses a long thin flexible plastic tube known as a catheter to vacuum out the secretions blocking the airways. These secretions are collected in a jar attached to the machine and can be emptied after the suctioning is completed. PN-3000VSD30 is equipped with intermittent and continuous mode switch function and brings much more convenience for clinicians.

Features of PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

  • Up to 10 L/min flow rate

  • 1000 ml jar

  • Dual Modes - Intermittent and Continuous

  • Quiet, Reliable Operation

  • Dependable, Time Tested Gauge and Controls

  • Provides Full Vac Regulation

  • Low Maintenance, Easy to Service

Specification of PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

Therapy ModeIntermittent or Continuous Mode
Suction pumpDiaphragm
The maximum negative pressure 450mmHg (60kPa)
Negative pressure0-450mmHg (0-60kPa)
Pumping rate≤10 L/min
Time adjustmentWorking time adjustment range: 01-10min
Interval time adjustment range: 01-10min
Default time:5min(ON)/2min(OFF)
Power sourceAC 220V/110V ±10% ,50/60Hz
Input Power40VA

Practical Application of PN-3000VSD30 NPWT Device

  • 01

    Wound Management: The NPWT device is used to do wound drainage and wounded skin care.It can work with wound dressing together to help patients to cure fast from wound injuries

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