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Reusable Breathing Circuit
Reusable Breathing Circuit

Reusable Breathing Circuit

We offer pre-assembled or bulk packed breathing circuit set with proven manufacturer quality. Breathing circuit is the gas pathway connecting patients lung to the various medical devices such as ventilator, anesthesia machine and HFNC machine, it is essential that the circuit should be in highest quality in order to ventilate patient correctly, efficiently and safely.

Working Principle of Reusable Breathing Circuit

  • Pigeon Medical offers a range of heated or non-heated breathing circuits in different length including 40cm, 60cm, 120, etc, to deliver optimal humidification for invasive and non-invasive ventilation as well as CPAP and high flow oxygen therapy.The corrugated tubes have a good flexibility and bending resistance, not meander, not broken, that mechanical ventilation in the process smooth gas supply.

Features of Reusable Breathing Circuit

  • Made with premium PC material.

  • Reusable and able to bear high temperature sterilization up to 135 ℃.

  • Three different length and sizes available.

Specification of Reusable Breathing Circuit

Product NameReusable Breathing Circuit
MaterialImported Silicone
Diameter10mm (Infant), 22mm (Adult)
Length40/60/120mm (Infant), 40/60/120mm (Adult)

Practical Application of Reusable Breathing Circuit

  • 01

    ICU ventilator

  • 02

    Anesthesia machine

  • 03

    Bubble CPAP machine

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