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Reusable Heated Wire

Reusable Heated Wire

Pigeon Medical reusable heated wire can maintain the temperature and humidity of the inspired gas while pass through the breathing circuit to patient interface. The heated wire is a perfect match for Pigeon Medical Humidifier Model PN-2000FB & PN-2000FC850can be used on ventilators and high flow oxygen therapy.

Working Principle of Reusable Heated Wire

Insert the heated wire into the breathing circuit carefully using draw line and connect with humidifier adaptor.Keeping the inspired gas heated and humidified will prevent water condensation and provide optimal breathing situation for patient.

Features of Reusable Heated Wire

  • Capable with other brands humidifier and breathing circuit

  • Reusable and able to bear high temperature sterilization up to 135 ℃.

Specification of Water Trap

Product NameHumidifier reusable heated wire
Inner Diameter15MM
Adaptor Type2 Pin

Practical Application of Reusable Heated Wire

  • 01

    ICU ventilator

  • 02

    Anesthesia Machine

  • 03

    HFNC Machine

  • 04

    Respiratory Humidifier

  • 05

    Bubble CPAP

  • 06


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