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T Circuit

With long years of experience in the industry, we are able to supply, trade and provide excellent service for top quality range of disposable T-piece Circuit. It designed to provide excellent stability made from high quality medical grade polymer materials that are able to provide excellent support and functionality. (Reusable T-piece breathing circuit optional).

Working Principle of T Circuit

The Pigeon T-Piece Resuscitator is a gas powered emergency resuscitator intended to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a face mask or a tube inserted into a patient’s airway. It is intended for use with neonates and infants weighing less than 10kg.

Features of T Circuit

  • Medical grade material

  • 1.2m length

  • supreme quality, durable, easy to use, reasonable prices

Specification of T Circuit


Application of T Circuit

  • 01

    Infant Resuscitation

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