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Trolley for GE Ventilators

Trolley for GE Ventilators

Our trolley is supplied to match with GE ventilator,  our products need to pass through strict test, and we need to control quality very well, we can design trolley according to customers' requirements, from raw material to final finished products, every process need to be checked very carefully, we have confidence we can serve big customer very well due to our company strength. For GE customer, we design a basket and tightly connect it to stand column, ventilator can be placed in it safely, besides, on the trolley we design other bracket to fasten medical device.

Working Principle of Trolley for GE Ventilators

The products can be moved toward omni-directional side, also can be braked very firmly. You can control trolley speed by controlling your hand power.

Features of  Trolley for GE Ventilators 

Made of aluninum alloy with anti-corrosion technology, customized.

Specification of Trolley for GE Ventilators

ModelGE Trolley
MaterialAluminum alloy
ColorSilver , Beige

Practical Application of Trolley for GE Ventilators

  • 01

    Adult Ventilator

  • 02

    Adult HFNC

  • 03

    Bubble CPAP

  • 04

    Infant CPAP

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