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Water Trap
Water Trap

Water Trap

The water trap for oxygen concentrators connected between breathing circuits and is used to collect and retain water drop inside the circuits. Pigeon Medical uses premium PC material to make the product to ensure its quality and reliability. This type of water trap for oxygen concentrator is reusable and is widely applied in many medical devices like cpap machine for newborn, ICU ventilators, bubble CPAP for neonates, Anesthesia Machine.

Working Principle of Water Trap

Inside the breathing circuits, the air flow are at certain humidity and it will accumulate condensation which will become larger water drop. The water drop may cause risk to the medical device and patient. A water trap for oxygen concentrator is needed to collect water drops in order to reduce the mentioned risk.

Features of Water Trap

  • Made with premium PC material.

  • Reusable and able to bear high temperature sterilization up to 135 ℃.

  • Three different sizes available.

Specification of Water Trap

OD22mm ( 15mm,10mm available)
Product Code10-29-10-18

Application of Water Trap

  • 01

    Bubble CPAP machine.

  • 02

    ICU ventilator.

  • 03

    Anesthesia machine.

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