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The Benefits of Ventilator Humidifiers and Possible Problems

In clinical medicine, ventilators have been commonly used in the medical field as an effective means of being able to artificially replace autonomous ventilation. Ventilators are a vital medical device that can play a role in preventing and treating respiratory failure, reducing complications, and saving and prolonging patients' lives. The ventilator is also equipped with a humidifier. The ventilator humidifier can adjust the humidity and temperature in the oxygen delivered by the ventilator to the patient to maintain the same body temperature as that of the patient.

1. Benefits of using a respirator humidifier

Whether you are snoring, apnea using a ventilator, or of slowed obstructive pulmonary, respiratory failure, poor cardiopulmonary function patients using a ventilator, it is generally recommended to connect the ventilator humidifier to use. The benefit of using a respirator humidifier is that it can increase humidity, so that patients with down nasal, oral and respiratory tracts are not dry and improve compliance with treatment. Some patients are sensitive to dry air, and the air blown out by the ventilator has a certain pressure, so it is easy to cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa due to gas stimulation, which leads to nasal congestion and other problems. Using a ventilator humidifier can humidify the air and raise the air temperature appropriately, which can relieve nasal congestion caused by airflow stimulation. Chronic obstructive pulmonary patients due to serious small airway obstruction, also easy to breed "phlegm", coupled with airway obstruction phlegm is not easy to discharge, the use of respirator humidifier can dilute phlegm, help patients to discharge phlegm out of the body.

2. The use of respirator humidifier problems and solutions

The biggest problem of using ventilator humidifier is that it is easy to accumulate water inside the pipeline and mask, the reason of accumulating water is that when the weather becomes cold, the gas with a certain temperature and high humidity through the pipeline, due to the temperature difference increases, resulting in gas "condensation", accumulate less into more, if more to a certain extent will lead to the inside of the tube and mask inside There will be water inside the tube, water inside the tube will produce noise, and water inside the mask will drip down on the face of people.

There are two ways to solve this problem, one is to improve the temperature of the room, so that the outside temperature and the temperature inside the tube do not hang a big difference, the general room temperature at about 18 degrees can solve this problem. Or use the pipeline with heating function, this pipeline can automatically heat the tube, so as to solve the problem of condensation. If you want to use a heated tube first of all to clear their respirator has this function, if not then there is no way to use a heated tube.

Another problem with the use of respirator humidifier is that in the process of use, if the operation is not standardized will lead to the machine into the water, especially the integrated humidifier, because the home respirator humidifier is connected to the host, so if in the process of use, the machine tilted, or moved, the humidifier "water box" inside the Water flows into the host, then the host into the water, once the water, the machine will be damaged, so when using the respirator humidifier, you must remember that "water can not be moved, to move the water box out".

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