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The Development Trend of the Medical Grade Air Compressor

Under the premise of the growing demand for air sources by major industries, medical grade air compressors provide better, more energy-efficient and higher-quality air for food, pharmaceutical factories, medical equipment and other industries.

Air compressors are widely used in food, medical, pharmaceutical, textile, decoration and other industries, and can be said to be widely used in all walks of life. So, medical grade air compressors are required to ensure particularly high air quality. What kind of air compressors are suitable for the medical industry?

1. Applications of the medical grade air compressor in pharmaceutical and biological engineering

We all know that in pharmaceutical and biological engineering, the pollution of bacteria and bacteriophages in compressed gas cannot be ignored. The pure compressed gas provided by oil-free screw compressors can prevent bacteria and bacteriophages from breeding in the gas.

With the world's most advanced oil-free water-lubricated single-screw compressor technology, compared with dry-type twin-screw, there is no lubricating oil in each component of the medical grade air compressor, ensuring 100% oil-free compression, and providing the most reliable solution of oil-free compressed air.

2. Advantages of using medical grade air compressors

The medical grade air compressors not only have both advantages of humanization and intelligence, but also pay more attention to the technical application of energy-saving products. The silent medical grade air compressors, oil-free water lubrication, large-scale centrifuge technology, and good energy-saving product technology are integrated. More surprises are created for some large-scale production and processing industries, so as to ensure the quality of products and solve more problems in production, so that our market will usher in a healthy growth and become better and better.

The medical grade air compressors and other accessories are all made of special stainless steel and treated to prevent corrosion, and the compression chamber gaskets are also made of advanced materials such as ceramics and carbon fiber; high-precision water filters efficiently filter impurities to ensure that the lubricating water maintains high water quality; Since no lubricating oil is used at all, there is no need to replace and discard oils, or use oil filters, oil separators, etc.

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