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The Function and Proper Maintenance of Non-invasive Ventilator

1. What is the scope of application of non-invasive ventilator?

Non-invasive ventilators were first used in clinical treatment of various sleep apnea syndromes or other breathing-related diseases. Because patients with these diseases cannot breathe on their own, they will cause serious damage to the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and brain. Therefore, it is necessary to Use a non-invasive ventilator to help them breathe and treat them.

Non-invasive ventilator is suitable for people with moderate and mild respiratory failure. It allows users to breathe with artificial help under non-destructive conditions through a series of adjustment and oxygen supply or exhalation and inhalation mechanisms. The great advantage of non-invasive ventilator is that it has a better guarantee for the quality of life of users in the later period. It has a very positive effect on respiratory intervention for people in the early stage of respiratory failure.

Assisted early weaning is another field for non-invasive ventilators to play their role. No matter who has been treated and recovered for a period of time, they will always start to breathe spontaneously. At this time, assisted weaning of non-invasive ventilators is very important. Likewise It is also an unavoidable transition and adaptation that can only happen normally with the help of a non-invasive ventilator.

The many advantages of the non-invasive ventilator make it widely used, and it shines in the field of medical science, which also provides a lot of motivation and support for its continuous development.

2. How to properly maintain the non-invasive ventilator?

Nowadays, many people are actually using non-invasive ventilators, but they don't know much about its efficacy. If you can master the skills in this area, you will also find that the operation is still very simple.

In fact, in the process of using the non-invasive ventilator, daily maintenance is very simple. First of all, we must pay attention to try not to place the machine in direct sunlight, but in a clean and dry place.

In addition, the mask system should be cleaned at least once a week, because a certain amount of dust may accumulate on it during use, and these dusts will also affect human health invisibly. In addition, it needs to be replaced every six months. filter membrane.

Many people are more curious about the non-invasive ventilator, which itself is to achieve the purpose of assisting in the treatment of dyspnea, but will there be side effects if it is used for a long time?

In fact, this is not the case. After using it for a period of time, and it has basically entered a stable stage, there is no need to worry too much at this time. As long as the condition is controlled, you can gradually get off the ventilator, but it is not immediately. According to the principle of step by step, you will also find that there is a better effect in the end.

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