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The Main Function and Use of Non-invasive Ventilation Machine

1. What are the main functions of non-invasive ventilation machines?

People are still very familiar with non-invasive ventilation machines. Many people have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in their daily life. If they can use some corresponding ventilators, they can also effectively improve their state and have the effect of assisted ventilation, it can also effectively relieve lung diseases, but most people may not understand what kind of role this type of ventilator will have. Today, Pigeon Medical will introduce it to you in detail.

Why do many people use non-invasive ventilation machines in today's market? non-invasive ventilation machines can effectively improve human hypoxemia, relieve respiratory muscle fatigue, and are very suitable for premature infants or newborns. Such people can improve their condition after using the device, which can effectively relieve lung diseases or respiratory diseases, and can also effectively treat sleep apnea syndrome, which is basically a disease that occurs in adults.

In addition to relieving these diseases, non-invasive ventilation machines can also effectively improve myasthenia gravis, or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, reduce the fatigue of breathing muscles, or improve breathing In addition, it can effectively treat pulmonary edema, cardiac insufficiency, and hypercapnia. It can be said that using such a device can have very good results.

2. Is the non-invasive ventilation machine suitable for home use?

The arrival of the new coronavirus this time is because there are so many people who are sick that the hospital cannot satisfy it at all, so most people may just choose to stay at home, and if they find that they have abnormal phenomena, they may also feel I am more worried, so many people start to choose to use ventilators at home, hoping to change everything, so are non-invasive ventilation machines also suitable for home use?

First of all, when using a non-invasive ventilation machine, you should also know that it has various classifications, mainly divided into single-level ventilator and bi-level ventilator. If you really plan to use it at home, you also need to see what it is. For what kind of disease, if you choose to buy this ventilator, it is mainly for the treatment of apnea or the treatment of snoring. The effect is relatively good, and you do not need to pay attention to the choice. It is better to directly choose the mute effect. A single-level ventilator is sufficient.

However, if there are more requirements for the non-invasive ventilation machine, if you want to expel carbon dioxide from the body, or if you want to protect the lungs, naturally you should not choose a single level, because there may not be a good effect during use. It is better to directly choose bi-level breathing, so that there will be a higher level of comfort during use, and the patient will not feel a little uncomfortable.

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