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Waterproofing Recommendations for Medical Air Compressors

1. Medical air compressor link drainage smoothly

When there is moisture removed from the compressed air, it must be drained from the system. Using a drain with an electric valve is a better way to ensure that no water is left in the system. Check the drain of the medical air compressor to ensure that the drainage is adequate; excess moisture can cause problems and lead to bacteria. It is also important to make sure the drain is not connected to the open for long periods of time, as this can lead to air loss.

2. Medical air compressor to check the dryer

The drier is a good way to remove moisture from the air, and the filter is an inseparable part of it. Like the compressor, the drier is affected by changes in temperature and humidity. As the seasons change, please take some time to check the dryer to ensure its better function of operation.

3. Monitoring setup of medical air compressor

Monitoring system is always vital, but it is important to pay extra attention to it when changing seasons to ensure the components can operate effectively. A long distance monitoring system is a good way to view the medical air compressor from elsewhere and can alert the police if there are any abnormalities.

In addition, corrosion can occur in compressed air systems when the relative humidity exceeds 50%. Excess liquid can save and build up, leading to bacteria development, clogging and potential leaks, and wet air can even adversely affect pneumatic tools and other end-use equipment.

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