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What Are the Instructions for the Water in the Humidifier of the Respirator?

1. What kind of water to add inside the respirator humidifier?

Respirator humidifier is best to add pure water and distilled water.

One is because pure water and distilled water is good, pure, with no miscellaneous substances, to ensure that users inhale fresh, pure air.

Second, because pure water and distilled water contain less minerals, the use of precipitation and scale is not easy to maintain the cleanliness of the humidifier. Mineral water contains a large number of minerals, easy to produce scale, so the respirator humidifier should not add mineral water.

2. Does the respirator humidifier need to add new water every day?

Some customers ask us "need to put a ventilator humidifier inside the previous day's water dumped, refill the water?" As long as there is enough water in the humidifier and the water is clean, there is no need to pour out the water from the previous day and refill it.

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