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What Are the Precautions for Using an Oxygen Analyzer?

The oxygen analyzer medical is an oxygen sensor composed of zirconia solid electrolyte, and the signal change is an intelligent online analysis instrument composed of a new microprocessor as the core.

Mainly used for air separation, automatic analysis of oxygen content in chemical processes; production of semiconductors and magnetic materials; float glass, cement building materials industry; various industrial furnaces, automatic analysis of oxygen content in heat treatment processes, and scientific research such as electronic components and biopharmaceuticals. So what are the precautions for medical use of oxygen analyzers?

Precautions for using a oxygen analyzer medical:

1. The use of a oxygen analyzer medical requires pressure control of the sample gas, usually the pressure of the instrument should not be greater than 0.05MPA;

2. The output pressure of the standard gas secondary meter of the oxygen analyzer medical shall not be greater than 0.30MPA;

3. All gas pipelines entering the oxygen analyzer medical must be strictly checked for leaks, and when the instrument is working normally, a system leak must be checked every six months;

4. Before the gas path enters the oxygen analyzer medical instrument, it must pass through a physical filter, 10u; if the air resistance phenomenon is found, the filter screen (filter) can be checked first;

5. Clean the oxygen analyzer medical fan filter regularly, once a quarter. The environment is harsh and needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent overheating of the instrument caused by poor ventilation;

6. The installation site of the oxygen analyzer medical should be level and away from the vibration source to prevent errors caused by uneven sample convection caused by the detector being not level;

7. The surrounding environment of the oxygen analyzer medical requires good ventilation, and should not be confined in a closed space, and the measurement error caused by the imbalance of oxygen;

8. There should be no flammable gas around the oxygen analyzer medical, which will seriously affect the accurate measurement of the detector;

9. Since the oxygen analyzer medical is operated at high temperature, if the gas to be tested contains H2, CO, and CH4, this substance will react with oxygen, consume part of the oxygen, and the oxygen concentration will decrease, causing measurement errors. Therefore, the instrument should consider this factor when measuring the gas containing flammable substances to avoid measurement inaccuracy;

10. When the oxygen analyzer medical measures corrosive gases, it should be filtered with activated carbon first.

The oxygen analyzer has the characteristics of fast, accurate and high-precision measurement. It uses an advanced fuel cell sensor to measure the oxygen content. Since the sensor is completely sealed, the sensor is maintenance-free.

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