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What factors can affect the service life of an oxygen analyzer?

Due to the high sensitivity of medical oxygen analyzers, it is necessary to actively maintain and protect them during daily use. Improper handling can easily affect subsequent work, resulting in disordered analysis results and shortened service life.

1.Medical oxygen analyzers must ensure the cleanliness of the system.

In trace analysis, the gas path system should be simplified as much as possible. Especially in dead corners of various fittings and valves, pollution is prone to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to choose connectors with smaller dead corners and avoid using equipment with oil seals and wax seals.

The purpose is to prevent dissolved oxygen from overflowing and causing contamination, so as to better ensure the cleanliness of the system and obtain accurate data.

2.Medical oxygen analyzers need to be strictly checked during use.

When using medical oxygen analyzers, it is also necessary to strictly check whether there is leakage in the sampling pipeline, blow out the leaked air as much as possible, and avoid oxygen entering the equipment through the sensor, which can cause corrosion.

In the process of pipeline system evolution, high-pressure gas release or low flow rate can be used to promote alternation to achieve faster purification of the pipeline.

The leakage problem of medical oxygen analyzers will directly affect their service life to a large extent, so strict inspection should be carried out before startup.

For critical connection points and valves, it is necessary to ensure that there is no leakage. In addition, the material and surface roughness of the pipeline will also affect the changes in the oxygen content of the sample gas. Generally, stainless steel pipes should be used as connection pipes, while plastic and rubber pipes have aging problems and should not be used.

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