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What is a Ventilator Humidifier?

A ventilator humidifier is usually part of the removable part of the ventilator. It consists of a humidifier and a water tank or cartridge. Distilled water is recommended for humidification. Underneath the humidifier, you will usually see a heating sump.

1. The working principle of ventilator humidifier

When the pressurized airflow passes through the water box, moisture is added to the air into the nose, throat and lungs. The current humidifier humidifier is basically heated to achieve humidification, by heating the water body, the airflow can carry more moisture when passing through.

The way the ventilator humidifier is connected to the humidifier determines its usefulness for many humidifier wearers.

2. Three types of ventilator humidifier connections

1) Built-in humidifier: these humidifiers are built into the machine and cannot be separated from the humidifier.

2) Integrated humidifier: Ideal for those who do not want to use a humidifier all year round, or those who wish to travel without a humidifier. With this type of humidifier, you can choose to leave the humidifier partly removed at home.

3) Cold water humidifier: A universal humidifier that can be connected to any humidifier. Although easy to use, these cold water humidifiers may not provide a strong moisturizing effect for patients. Currently these humidifiers have been largely withdrawn from the market.

However, any of these humidifier humidifier options offer greater benefits than not using a humidifier.

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