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What is HFNC?

Adults often have complications such as hypoxemia, pulmonary infection, and atelectasis after cardiac surgery. Oxygen therapy is often required after tracheal intubation is removed to maintain adequate alveolar ventilation and oxygenation.

1. Case of using HFNC machine

A 64-year-old bypass patient in the Department of Cardiac Surgery was immediately transferred to the ICU for treatment because he did not dare to cough, had thick sputum, and hypoxemia caused by respiratory distress. According to the previous routine, after sucking the sputum, the patient needs to be given non-invasive ventilator assisted ventilation to improve hypoxemia, but this time the ICU used a very effective HFNC machine. After the patient inhaled high-flow oxygen through the nose for half an hour, The breathing is stable, the symptoms of hypoxia have been significantly improved, and the comfort level has also been greatly improved.

This starts from its source: common oxygen therapy equipment such as ordinary nasal catheters, ordinary masks, and oxygen storage masks that are commonly used clinically. Due to the effect of oxygen flow into the air, the oxygen concentration increases with the flow of inhaled gas. However, it is significantly reduced, and it is not easy to determine. For some patients, especially those who have difficulty in weaning after invasive ventilation, cannot cooperate with non-invasive ventilator, and do not want to use invasive ventilation, the flow provided by these measures is far from enough. In response to clinical needs and professional research, a high-flow nasal oxygen inhalation device came into being.

2. So what exactly is HFNC?

Concept of high-flow: There is no specific value. The oxygen inhalation device that is higher than the patient's peak inspiratory flow rate is clinically called high-flow oxygen therapy equipment.

HFNC (High-flow Nasal Cannula): not change with changes in respiratory frequency and tidal volume, provided that the flow rate provided must be higher than the patient's peak inspiratory flow.

High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy (HFNC) is a method of oxygen therapy in which a certain oxygen concentration of air-oxygen mixed with high-flow gas is directly delivered to the patient through a nasal cannula that does not need to be sealed. This gas has the characteristics of high flow rate, precise oxygen concentration, and heating and humidification.

The HFNC machine is composed of a high-flow output device, a professional heating and humidification system and a nasal congestion system. It has the following three characteristics: (1) Constant oxygen concentration: 21%-100%; (2) Continuous high flow: Up to 60 L/min; (3) Airway temperature and humidity: 37 ℃, 100% relative humidity.

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