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What is the Effect of Changes in Air Humidity on Medical Air Compressors?

1. Why is there water in the medical air compressor?

That is because the humidity in the air will follow the changes in the state of the air, when the air is compressed, the temperature of the air will rise, the relative humidity of the medical air compressor will fall. When the air is compressed after the expansion back to the original state, the temperature of the air then fell, the relative humidity will increase, so that the moisture in the air will naturally precipitate.

2. What is the impact of air humidity on the medical air compressor?

1) It will affect the volumetric efficiency of the air.

2) Moisture next to the air makes the air compression path narrower, thus increasing the resistance of the air flow process.

3) Wet air is lighter than the same volume of dry air. When the compressed air passes through the cooler, storage tank and pipeline, most of the water vapor is condensed, and thus the output capacity of the weight calculation will be reduced.

4) The moisture in the air because it contains metal ions and other anions and cations, has a large corrosive effect, resulting in medical air compressor spare parts and machinery prone to rust, shortening its service life;

5) When medical air compressor pipeline is with moisture, if the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, moisture in the pipeline wall will freeze. What's worse, sometimes it will even cause the individual pipeline completely frozen, hindering the work of the individual section. Therefore, the quality of compressed air depends not only on its pressure, but also on its humidity.

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