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What is the Use of a Humidifier for Respiratory Machines?

Humidifiers have become a standard feature in respiratory machines. So, what is the purpose of a humidifier for respiratory machines? Let's take a closer look together!

1.Humidification improves comfort and compliance

The American Association for Respiratory Care recommends the use of active humidification during respiratory therapy to improve patient compliance and comfort.

Long-term exposure to the air flow from respiratory machines can cause dryness in the mouth and nose, which can even lead to nosebleeds. Our nasal mucosa has the function of moistening the air we breathe, but during the use of a respiratory machine, the nasal mucosa cannot keep up with the need for humidification. The role of a humidifier is to warm and moisten the air you breathe, reduce dryness in the nose and throat, and help you keep your mouth closed while sleeping. This improves the comfort and compliance of using a respiratory machine.

2.Humidification and secretion clearance

Dry gases entering the airways not only cause discomfort but also directly affect the quality of secretions and ciliary function, leading to mucus retention.

Especially for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, inhaling dry and cold air directly can irritate the airway mucosa and easily cause sputum production. The most direct way to prevent dry and retained secretions during preventive treatment is to increase the temperature and humidity of the gas.

Using a humidifier can make the airflow entering the body humidified and at a certain temperature, effectively helping to thin and clear sputum.

In respiratory therapy, it is crucial to use appropriate temperature and humidity to ensure that the treatment needs are met and that the user feels comfortable.

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