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What Principles Should Be Followed in the Selection and Application of Oxygen Analyzers?

In practical applications, the application of the oxygen analyzer medical generally follows the following principles:

1. Oxygen analyzer medical for oxygen purity analysis.

Generally, the range is 98%~100% oxygen, and it is required to read four digits for the measurement result, so the magnetic oxygen analyzer is the necessary instrument.

The zirconia type and the fuel pool type, although the upper limit of the detection range is also 100% oxygen, but when measuring more than 98% oxygen, these two types of instruments cannot give accurate readings to four digits.

2. Oxygen analyzer medical for process oxygen analysis.

Generally, the range is 0~100% oxygen (excluding the range above 98% oxygen), and magnetic type and zirconia type are usually selected. However, since the magnetic type is divided into two types, one is the magnetic pressure type, and pure oxygen must be used as the reference gas during operation, which increases the trouble of maintenance.

The other is the magnetic mechanical type, although the reference gas can be omitted, but the price is higher than the magnetic pressure type. Many customers choose the zirconia oxygen analyzer which is cheaper than the magnetic type, which is easy to use, requires no reference gas, and requires no maintenance, and obtains good results.

3. Oxygen analyzer medical for trace or trace oxygen analysis in various gases

Generally, the selection range is mostly in the range of 0.01ppm to 1000ppm oxygen. At this time, although zirconia and coulometric oxygen analyzers can also provide this wider detection range.

However, since the zirconia oxygen analyzer will be interfered by the trace amount of reducing gas components contained in the gas when measuring oxygen less than 10ppm, the data deviation is too large, so it is not suitable for use. The coulometric oxygen analyzer and the fuel cell oxygen analyzer are both suitable for measuring trace oxygen content.

However, there is another emphasis when choosing according to specific circumstances. For example, fuel pool oxygen analyzers are cheap, easy to use, and require no maintenance, which are their unique advantages, so they are widely used.

However, if the gas contains trace acid gas components, such as carbon dioxide, H2S, HCl, HCN, etc., the fuel pool sensor is susceptible to poisoning and failure. The Coulomb-type oxygen analyzer medical has anti-interference performance against acid gas components. At this time, although the price is higher than that of the fuel pool type, it is also a must-have product.

In addition, for some higher standard requirements, if it is necessary to measure 1ppm~1ppb oxygen in the gas, the coulometric oxygen analyzer is even more unique, and other instruments cannot meet the requirements at all.

For the case where the sample gas contains trace acid gas, only a special type of coulometric oxygen analyzer can eliminate interference, prevent sensor poisoning, and give correct analysis data.

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