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What Should You Prepare for Neonatal Resuscitation?

What is neonatal resuscitation? Does every newborn need a resuscitation operation? Hypoxia and suffocation occasionally occur when the baby is born, so the medical staff must take the neonatal resuscitation operation according to the baby's condition to ensure the baby's safety and health.

Ⅰ. What's the newborn baby resuscitation?

The baby may suffer from hypoxia and suffocation at birth, so resuscitation measures are needed.

There are many reasons for suffocation when a baby is born. It may be caused by maternal medication, but the most common cause is hypoxemia in the baby itself. There are many root causes of fetal hypoxemia. The most common reason is insufficient oxygen supply to the fetal blood circulation. If hypoxemia persists, the fetus's condition gradually deteriorates, with deep and irregular wheezing breathing, and then breathing stops again, which is secondary apnea. At this time, neonatal resuscitation technology must help the baby restore its breathing smoothly.

Babies who were born with hypoxia and asphyxiation need neonatal resuscitation. The measures taken are different to different degrees. There are individual differences in babies. Suppose the baby is not transferred to the neonatology department after birth. In that case, the baby may be born with only mild asphyxia, and simple neonatal resuscitation measures have also been taken. Mild suffocation generally has little effect on the baby, but the consequences of severe suffocation are more serious.

Ⅱ. What should medical staff prepare for neonatal resuscitation?

Newborn baby resuscitation preparation is required for medical staff. So what should medical staff prepare when doing neonatal resuscitation?

1. A medical staff with proficient neonatal resuscitation techniques should be present during each delivery, and take care of the newborn.

2. A pediatrician and a midwife are required to resuscitate severe asphyxia.

3. Every newborn born in multiple births should be taken care of by a special person.

4. Each member of the neonatal resuscitation team needs to have a clear division of labor and should have proficient neonatal resuscitation skills.

5. The neonatal resuscitation equipment and medicine are complete, stored separately, and have good functions, such as neonatal warming equipment, oxygen source, resuscitation equipment, and resuscitation drugs.

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